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How To Use Your Own Coffee With a Nespresso Machine


We’ve often mentioned that we’re not fans of refillable Nespresso pods for many reasons, one being that they often harm the machine and decrease its life span and might even break the needle that punctures the espresso capsules. But if you still prefer to use or at least want the option to try your own coffee from any other brand and brew it with your Nespesso machine, we’ve got a great solution for you.

Capsul’in Capsules Fillable Nespresso Coffee Compatible Pods/Capsules:

Capsul'in Capsules - Fillable Nespresso Tea Coffee Compatible Pod

Capsul’in fillable capsules are perfect to use with any Nespresso machine. But why do we recommend these over stainless steel refillable pods? Here’s why:

  • These are fillable and not RE-fillable, so they’re disposable just like the official Nespresso capsules.
  • Made of recycled FDA approved and PBA-free material. It does not harm the needle in your machine.
  • You can use this for coffee or tea.

How To Use the Capsul’in Fillable Nespresso Capsules:

  • Fill the capsule with your favorite coffee.
  • Seal the capsule with the included foil.

You’re all set to use! Make sure the coffee you’re using is an Espresso grind (fine grind) otherwise it won’t work.

The Capsul’in fillable capsules can be a great solution to use your own coffee, but preparing your own pods before each use can be a bit of a hassle and can take away from the Nespresso experience.

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