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How To Make the BEST Iced Latte EVER!

Coffee Tips

Iced Latte Making an Iced Latte sounds like a straight forward task, you make coffee the regular way and add ice to it. That’s actually quite right, but that will only make you a decent iced latte, and we’re looking to make you the BEST iced latte EVER. [photo source]

There’s a very simple thing that you can do to take your Iced coffee drinks to the next level. Once you know it, it will make a lot of sense to you that you’ll wonder how you’ve ever missed this before!

Here’s the thing…

Most people prepare their iced coffee by adding ice cubes to the coffee. But what happens when that ice melts? You’ll have a watered-down cold coffee drink. Ew!

So what do you do??

Iced Coffee Cubes

[Photo source]

Instead of using ice cubes, you’ll use iced COFFEE cubes. Basically, pour coffee into an ice cube tray, let it freeze then using it instead of water ice cubes. What happens is, when the coffee cubes melts, you’ll end up with more concentrated coffee rather than a watered down coffee!

Bonus Tip:

Cool Beans

Of course, you can use any ice cube tray to make the coffee cubes, but a silicone tray would be better so it’s easy to pop the cubes out. And for an added cool factor, use this Cool Beans silicone ice tray to make your coffee cubes shaped like coffee beans!