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How To Clean Your K-Cup Coffee Brewer For The FRESHEST Cup of Coffee

Single-Serve Espresso Makers Feb 06, 2014

Clean Cup 5-Pack Single Cup Brewing Cleaning Cups

If you own a Keurig K-Cup brewer (or any coffee brewer for that matter), you know that descaling a coffee machine is a must every now and then to ensure that your machine is performing like it should.

When it comes to single-serve coffee makers, descaling will nicely clean the inside of the machine. But you still have the problem of the coffee capsule needle and all parts around it, descaling does NOT clean that part, even though it affects the taste of your coffee.

The solution for this issue is here, made especially for K-Cup brewers (and we’re hoping other machines will follow), the Clean Cup pod looks exactly like the K-Cup coffee pod, place it in the machine, hit brew and it will take care of all coffee and oil residue inside the machine. It is odorless and includes phosphate free ingredients. You’ll be amazed at what comes out of your machine when you use it! And you’ll be more amazed at how FRESH your coffee will taste after you’ve used the Clean Up.

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