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Difference Between Saeco Intelia vs Minuto: Which One Is Best To Buy?

Saeco, Super-Automatics $700 to $1000 Oct 24, 2014

We’ve already compared a few Saeco super-automatic espresso machines like the Pure vs. Minuto and the Intelia vs. Syntia. Today we’ll be adding a third comparison that looks at the Intelia vs. Minuto.

Saeco Intelia vs. Minuto, What Is The Difference?

SAECO HD8775_48 Philips Minuto Focus Fully Automatic Espresso Machine
  • Both the Intelia and Minuto feature built in ceramic burr grinder that all Saeco machine use. They both also feature a bypass doser that allows you to use pre-ground coffee without using the grinder.
  • You can adjust the grind settings as you like.
  • You can control the coffee strength and re-program all settings using the LCD screen available on both machines.
  • You can also save any special customizations to your drinks

Here’s where you’ll find the difference:

SAECO HD8753_87 Philips Intellia Cappuccino Fully Automatic Espresso Machine
  • The Minuto is a Dual pressure espresso machine which allows it to brew a long cup of coffee, too. For brewing espresso, it will use 15 bars of pressure, for coffee, it will only use 3 to 5 bars, which means you get a long cup of coffee with just a little bit of crema, very similar to a cup of drip coffee.
  • Lever on the brewing head is used to choose between espresso or coffee brewing.
  • Options on the Minuto include: Espresso, Medium coffee, large coffee. You can also use the milk frother for steam or hot water, which you can choose from a button.
  • The brewing head on the Minuto is not adjustable in height, which might cause a bit of splashing when brewing into a short cup.

See it in action:

As for the Saeco Intelia:

  • It has an integrated milk frother that the Minuto lacks. You can create milk based drinks with a touch of a button.
  • The milk tank is fully detachable so you can easily refill it and save any left over milk in the fridge.
  • It has pre-programmed button for Cappuccino and another for ‘Special’ drinks, which means Lattes or Macchiatos, it will allow you to adjust the milk to espresso ratio.
  • The Intelia does NOT make coffee like the Mintuo as it works with 15 bars of pressure only.
  • The brewing head on the Intelia is adjustable in height.

See it in action:

Which One Should You Buy, The Saeco Intelia or Minuto?

The choice shouldn’t very  hard here:

  • If you want both coffee and espresso – the Minuto is for you.
  • However, if you drink more milk based espresso drinks, you’ll love how easy and quick the Intelia is in preparing those. For coffee, you’ll have to have a separate coffee maker or alternatively, you can make Americano (double espresso + water).

 Saeco Intelia vs. Intuita, What Is The Difference?

The Saeco Intuita is great fully automatic espresso machine for a budget of under $1000. Many readers have asked about the difference between the Intuita and the Saeco Intelia, wondering if they could save on the price while getting the same quality. Here’s our comparison of the two machines:

Saeco Intuita Espresso Machine


  • Both the Intelia and Intuita have built-in ceramic grinders that Saeco are known for. These grinders don’t rust and preserve the full aroma of the coffee ground.
  • The machines are fully adjustable. You can adjust the strength of the coffee, the fineness of the ground and the volume of coffee.
  • Bypass dosers allow you to use different beans than the ones you have in the hopper.


  • The Intelia features an LCD display which makes coffee selection and customization easier. The Intuita only uses press buttons.
  • For milk frothing, the Intelia features an integrated milk frother which automatically heats and froths milk and pours it right into your cup. Whereas with the Intuita, a manual frothing wand is used to do the same.