DeLonghi ESAM6700 Gran Dama Avant Touch-Screen Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

The DeLonghi Gran Dama Avant is a high-end super-auto espresso machine that will blow your mind, not only with the fantastic coffee it prepares, but with its many features, few the only it possesses.


  • Prepares gourmet coffee drinks like Cappuccino, Latte or Latte Macchiato using DeLonghi’s patented ‘Single Touch’ hot milk system.
  • Detachable milk container allows you to refrigerate left over milk for later use.
  • Touch screen control panel with programmable menus, auto on/off and many other options.
  • Adjust temperature, coffee strength (5 settings) or cup sizes (4 settings).
  • “Long Coffee” feature replicates a drip coffee machine to make you a cup of drip coffee.
  • Built-in coffee grinder with 250g bean container.
  • Removable water tank.
  • Adjustable drip tray and coffee spout.
  • Cup warming tray.

The display on the DeLonghi Gran Dama Avant is one of the largest with 4-line text. It makes the machine easier to use and program in no-time. It makes superior coffee drinks, probably better than your usual coffee house, just make sure you pick a great whole bean coffee for espresso and let the machine do the rest for you!

See more details on this machine as well as customer reviews here.


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