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Review of DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

Breville, DeLonghi, Super-Automatics $500 to $700

DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super-Automatic Espresso:Coffee Machine

The DeLonghi ESAM3300 Super Automatic espresso machine has been a favorite budget super-auto machine among coffee lovers. This all-in-one unit does it all: it grinds, brews and prepares fresh coffee with simple push of a button, with some of DeLonghi’s patented features to set it apart from other machines.


  • Patented “Cappuccino System” frother that mixes steam and milk to create a rich, creamy froth.
  • Easy to use control panel with clearly marked buttons.
  • Programmable features and menu settings.
  • Built-in conical burr grinder, “direct-to-brew” coffee preparation automatically grinds as much coffee needed for your requested drink and keeps the rest of the beans freshly sealed.
  • Adjustable grind settings.
  • Doubler boiler system eliminates the wait between brewing and milk steaming/frothing. You can do both tasks at the same time.

The spout on the DeLonghi ESAM3300 is adjustable to accommodate different cup sizes. The steam nozzle is adjustable as well… it rotates 180 degrees to fit in any size of milk pitcher under it, it also doubles as a hot water dispenser which you can use to make tea or other hot beverages. The water tank size is 60 ounces, and 7 ounce of bean capacity… these generous capacities enable you to make many cups of coffee before any refilling is required.

The machine is compact in size (for a super-automatic), and having the grinder built-in saves you additional countertop space. The performance is exactly what is expected of DeLonghi, very high standard. If there’s one con about this machine is that it does not have an auto-start timer, but this feature is not really needed as the machine starts up very fast so there’s not much wait time needed to get it started.

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Delonghi ESAM3300 vs ESAM 3500, What’s The Difference?

DeLonghi ESAM3500

One of the biggest differences between the ESAM3000 and ESAM3500 is the fact the the latter features an integrated milk frothing system instead of a steam wand for manual milk frothing. This means that the machine will automatically froth the milk, pour it into the cup and then brew the espresso and add it.

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Delonghi ESAM3300 vs Breville BES860XL, What’s The Difference?

Breville The Barista Express Coffee Machine

The DeLonghi ESAM3000 and Breville BES870XL (Also known as The Barista Express) might sound similar due to the fact that both offer bean-to-cup experience, but they’re actually quite different machines:

  • The ESAM3000 is a super-automatic espresso machine. With a press of a button, it will automatically do everything from grinding to dosing and measuring to create your requested coffee drink.
  • The Breville BES870XL is a Semi-Automatic. It does have a built-in grinder, and it grinds automatically, but it doesn’t brew automatically. You’ll have to choose from different custom settings, have the machine grind into the portafilter and you’ll do the rest. The machine is known for its semi-auto or fully manual settings, and it’s great for advanced baristas or people who want to be one.

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