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DeLonghi All-in-One COM530M vs COM532M – The Main Difference

DeLonghi Espresso and Coffee Machines Mar 22, 2023

DeLonghi has one of the best selling combination espresso and coffee maker of all time, that they simply call the All-in-One. And if you’ve decided on that machine as your purchase, you probably found two models: COM530M and COM532M, which look IDENTICAL.

In this post, I will tell you the one difference between COM530M vs COM532M (as well as some older version like the BCO430) and if it should affect which model you should get.

The One Difference To Look For

These two models of DeLonghi All in One Espresso and Coffee maker are actually identical, except for one detail:

DeLonghi COM530M vs COM532M
  • The frother on the COM532M model is adjustable. It’s a Panarello frother, but has an adjustable slip that allows you to adjust the froth density. Using the HOT MILK selection will create light froth for a latte, while the CAPPUCCINO selection will allow for more air to jet into the milk to create a denser froth.
  • The COM530M is the older model and it has a regular frother with no adjustments. So controlling the froth density is done manually by you.

All other features are 100% identical.

Which Model Should You Get? COM532M or COM530M?

Provided that both models are priced the same, definitely buy the newest COM532M model. The adjustable frother is a great feature that makes it all easier to create nice frothy milk just how you like it.

Features of DeLonghi All-in-One Espresso and Coffee Maker

Included Accessories

  • Glass Coffee Pot – 8 cup
  • Gold Tone Coffee Filter
  • Single & Double Shot Filter Basket
  • ESE Pod Filter Basket
  • Measuring Spoon
  • Descaling Solution
  • Charcoal Water Filter

the machine includes everything you need to get started, except for a frothing jug, which you’ll have to order separately.


Operating your All in One machine is quite simple. Well, the coffee side might be easier to operate than the Espresso side, if you’re new to the world of espresso.

Coffee Brewing

This side of the machine will work like any drip coffee maker. It has a 47 oz capacity, which makes ten cups of about 5 oz capacity. That’s something you’ll have to consider when using larger mugs.

The coffee side has a 24 hours programmable auto start, so you can program your machine to auto brew whenever you need it. There’s also a BOLD setting to make your coffee taste stronger by steeping it longer.

When using the coffee side, you can brew full or less capacity, depending on how much water you fill into the tank.

Espresso Brewing

The Espresso side of this machine features a single or double shot options, and a steam wand to froth milk for a delicious cup of latte or cappuccino.

The filter baskets with this machine are pressurized and suited for pre ground coffee. You have to buy espresso grounds (fine grind) to get a good results. This is the best option for a beginner espresso user. Using this type of setup will give you great results without having to be precise or use fancy tools to make your espresso.

The espresso extraction on this machine is manual, though. Which means you’ll have to start and stop your espresso shot manually.

After you have extracted your espresso, you can froth your milk using the steam wand. Using the adjustable slider, the Cappuccino setting will allow more air to jet into the milk to create high foam for Cappuccino, while the Hot Milk is suited for Lattes or for heating milk for non-coffee recipes.


the All-in-One machine has a nice design. It combines plastic with stainless steel, but it’s mostly plastic. The front panel has an LCD screen that displays the time as well as touch buttons for other settings. The espresso side uses three stainless steel buttons for on/off, espresso brew and steam.

Dimensions of the machine are 14.52″D x 11.02″W x 12.79″H.

Can the All in One Fit a Travel Mug?

Unfortunately, there’s no room to fit a travel mug under the coffee spout, as there’s an active heating plate to keep the pot warm after brewing, so it would be hard to place a travel mug there. Also, there’s not enough clearance for a tall travel mug.

Water Reservoir

This machine uses two different reservoirs for each side. The espresso side has a reservoir that sits at the back, while the drip coffee side has a top reservoir next to the filter basket.

Who Is The DeLonghi All in One Suited For

If you’re looking for a budget friendly combo machine that can make both espresso and coffee using ground coffee, this is a great option. While the drip coffee part of the machine is consistent, the espresso part is not so much. You’ll need to allow it time to heat, and run hot water through before brewing your espresso to bring the machine to the correct temperature. But that aside, you can extract a good shot and make decent espresso based drinks using this machine.

Common Questions and Answers

Does the DeLonghi All in One Take Pods?

It can use ESE pods for espresso, but you can’t use anything else. No Nespresso, Dolce Gusto or K-Cup pods. The coffee side uses ground coffee only.

What Kind of Coffee Should I Use?

Any type of coffee ground you enjoy: light, medium or dark roast. You simply have to make sure you are using the correct grind size for each brewing method. For coffee, use medium grounds. For espresso, use fine ground.

What is the Portafilter Size


Do I Have To Buy Any Additional Accessories?

The machine will include most things you need, except for the frothing jug which I advise that you add to your purchase. If you want, I would recommend you get a stainless steel tamper (size 51mm) instead of the included plastic one.