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Does Nespresso Make Hot Chocolate Pods?

In a previous post, I answered the question of whether or not Nespresso can make tea and how to make it using your Originalline machine. Another popular drink that people are wonder whether or not you can make is hot chocolate, and if Nespresso makes hot chocolate pods. The Quick Takeaway Now let’s get into the details of making hot…

What Pods Are Compatible With Nespresso Inissia?

The Inissia is a favorite among Nespresso lovers. It’s been a popular choice lately due to its affordable price and great features. However, with the rise of other Nespresso machines like Vertuo, there’s been some confusion over which coffee capsules can be used with the Inissia. Is Nespresso Inissia an Original Line? Yes, Nespresso Inissia is an OriginalLine machine, therefore,…