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Lever Espresso Machines

Flair Signature Espresso Maker: Features and Comparisons

What Is Flair Signature Espresso Maker? Flair Espresso Maker is a manual, portable espresso maker that requires no electric power to operate. It’s a lever-press style espresso maker, which you’ve probably seen before. But being portable and non-electric, Flair Signature allows you to make a shot of high quality espresso at home or anywhere you want. Although it looks easy,…

Comparison Between ROK Presso vs. Handpresso. Which Of These Manual Espresso Makers is Best?

If there’s one thing the ROK Presso and Handpresso espresso makers have in common, it’s the fact that they’re as manual as espresso makers could get. In fact, they’re so manual, they require no electricity to operate! Now, if you’ve got your mind set on a non-electric manual espresso machine you probably: Want to espresso on the go. Want to…