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Espresso Machine Accessories

These Double Wall Espresso Cups by Williams-Sonoma Are Worth Having!

Most of us are used to enjoying our espresso out of a porcelain cup, or even stainless steel if we’re feeling adventurous. But have you tried having your daily fix of coffee in a double-wall glass? Why Use Double Wall Glasses Instead of Porcelain Cups? 1. The Cool Factor: the first thing you’ll notice is a double wall glass is…

Must-Have Nespresso Machine Accessories

Got your Nespresso machine or planning to get one? Then you’ll definitely want to complete your at home Nespresso coffee bar with these accessories. We’ve selected a mix of official Nespresso accessories as well as other made by other brands. Nespresso Capsule Holders and Storage: Instead of keeping your Nespresso capsules stacked in their boxes, use these storage units to…