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Can You Make a Latte in a Moka Pot? The Easiest Way to Do it!

Moka Pots Apr 02, 2023
Can you make a latte in a moka pot

As you might already know, making a latte, or any coffee beverage, requires an espresso machine to make an espresso, which is the base of a latte or a cappuccino. But one of the most popular alternative ways of making espresso style coffee is using a moka pot. So, can you make your latte at home by using a moka pot?

The answer is yes, you can make a latte using a moka pot, but it won’t be the same as the latte you get from a coffee shop. A latte is made with espresso and steamed milk, while a moka pot brews coffee that is stronger than drip coffee but not as concentrated as espresso. However, with a few tweaks to the recipe, you can still make a delicious latte by using a moka pot that will satisfy your cravings.

In this article, I’ll tell you the steps to make a latte using a moka pot, the equipment and ingredients you’ll need, and some tips for getting the best results.

Does Moka Pot Make Espresso?

Does a moka pot make espresso

A Moka pot is a stove-top coffee maker that uses steam pressure to brew coffee. Many people wonder if a Moka pot can make espresso, and the answer is no, it cannot make true espresso.

Espresso is made by forcing hot water through finely ground coffee beans at high pressure, and for that, you need a high pressure pump espresso machine. A Moka pot, on the other hand, uses steam pressure to brew coffee. While the coffee produced by a Moka pot is strong and flavorful, it is not true espresso.

However, some people argue that the coffee produced by a Moka pot is similar to espresso, and can be used to make espresso-based drinks like lattes and cappuccinos. While it may not be true espresso, the coffee produced by a Moka pot can still be used as a base for many delicious coffee drinks because it’s quite strong and somewhat concentrated in taste, so it’s not phased by added ingredients like milk or syrups.

Overall, while a Moka pot cannot make true espresso, it can still produce a strong and flavorful coffee that can be used as a base for many delicious coffee drinks.

Can I Add Milk To a Moka Pot?

Many people wonder if they can add milk directly to a moka pot to make a latte. No, you can’t using milk instead of water in a moka pot. Here’s why:

Firstly, moka pots are designed to brew coffee, not steam or froth milk. The pressure and temperature inside the moka pot are not sufficient to create the microfoam needed for a latte. Instead, you will end up with hot milk that is not frothed, which will not give you the desired taste and texture of a latte.

Secondly, adding milk to a moka pot can also cause the pot to clog. The milk can stick to the inside of the pot and cause a buildup of residue, which can affect the taste of your coffee and make it more difficult to clean the pot.

Thirdly, milk does not have the same weight or texture like water. It contains fats and natural sugars, so when those ingredients reach boiling temperature, it gets burned. Not to mention, it won’t easily be forced through the coffee grounds like water would.

Instead of adding milk to your moka pot, it is recommended to brew your coffee in the pot and then heat and froth your milk separately using a milk frother. This will give you the best results and allow you to enjoy a delicious latte without compromising the taste of your coffee or damaging your moka pot.

How To Make a Latte or Cappuccino Without a Machine (Using a Moka Pot)

How to make a latte with a moka pot

To make your Latte or Cappuccino using a moka pot, you will need to do two things:

  • Create the coffee base using the moka pot
  • Heat and froth your milk separately using a milk frother.

Create Coffee Using the Moka Pot

  1. Fill the bottom chamber of your moka pot with water up to the safety valve.
  2. Insert the filter basket and fill it with finely ground coffee, tamping it down lightly.
  3. Screw on the top chamber and place the moka pot on the stove over medium heat.
  4. When the coffee starts to pour out, remove the moka pot from the heat and pour the espresso into a cup.

How To Froth Milk for a Latte or Cappuccino

If you want to make a latte or cappuccino using a moka pot, you’ll need to froth your milk first. Here are the steps to follow:

If you don’t have an electric milk frother, try this method:

  1. Pour cold milk into a jar or container with a lid. Make sure it’s no more than halfway full, as the milk will expand when frothed.
  2. Shake the container vigorously for about 30 seconds until the milk has doubled in volume and there are no more large bubbles.
  3. Remove the lid and microwave the container for 30 seconds to set the foam.

If you have an electric milk frother, follow directions of your frother to heat and froth the milk.

Latte Milk Ratio

The milk ratio for a latte is typically 3 parts milk to 1 part espresso. If you want it to taste stronger, add one more part of coffee. Use lightly frothed milk for the perfect creamy latte.

Cappuccino Milk Ratio

The milk ratio for a cappuccino is typically equal parts milk, foam, and espresso. Here’s how to make a cappuccino using a moka pot:

  1. Follow the same steps as for a latte, but only fill your cup one-third of the way with espresso.
  2. Pour an equal amount of frothed milk and foam over the espresso.
  3. Sprinkle with cocoa powder or cinnamon, if desired.

How To Make Iced Latte with a Moka Pot

Making an Iced latte works the same way as making it hot, you’ll just want to do two things differently:

The obvious one is not to heat the milk. You can froth the milk using the cold setting, if you have an electric frother.

You’ll want to use slightly more coffee, or using a stronger coffee roast. This way, when the ice starts to melt, the coffee won’t taste watered down.


  1. First, brew a strong coffee using the moka pot.
  2. While the coffee is brewing, mix the milk and sugar or flavored syrup in a separate container.
  3. Once the coffee is ready, pour it into a tall glass filled with ice cubes.
  4. Next, pour the milk and sugar mixture over the coffee.
  5. Stir well and enjoy your refreshing iced latte!

Experiment with different ratios until you find the perfect balance for your taste buds.

What Coffee Grind To Use for Moka Pot

Moka pot grind size

Using the correct grind size is a vital part of making Moka pot coffee. Using the wrong grinds will result in all kinds of problems, from overflowing pot, the pot not brewing or clogging.

Coffee Grind Size for Moka Pot

The grind size for Moka pot coffee should be somewhere between fine and medium. A good way to check if the grind size is correct is to look at the coffee grounds. They should be about the same size as table salt.

It’s important to note that different coffee beans may require different grind sizes. For example, if you’re using a dark roast coffee, you may need to use a slightly coarser grind size to avoid over-extraction.

Coffee Grinder for Moka Pot

When using a Moka pot, it’s important to grind your coffee beans to the correct consistency. The ideal grind for Moka pot coffee is somewhere between fine and medium. If the grind is too fine, the coffee will be bitter and over-extracted. If the grind is too coarse, the coffee will be weak and under-extracted.

It’s best to use a burr grinder when grinding coffee beans for a Moka pot. Burr grinders produce a consistent grind size, which is essential for Moka pot coffee. Blade grinders can also be used, but they tend to produce an inconsistent grind size, which can result in an uneven extraction.

You can get an electric of handheld burr grinder, whichever is more convenient to you. Alternatively, you can simply purchase pre-ground coffee that is especially used for moka pots.

Other Tips for Grinding Coffee for Moka Pot

  • Grind the coffee just before brewing to ensure maximum freshness.
  • Avoid using pre-ground coffee with medium grinds, as it may not be the correct grind size for Moka pot coffee. When buying pre-ground, make sure the label says ‘For Moka Pot’ … Grinds for espresso work, too.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to grind your coffee beans to the correct consistency for Moka pot coffee. Remember to use a burr grinder, aim for a grind size between fine and medium, and experiment to find the perfect grind size for your taste.

The Wrap Up on Making a Latte Using a Moka Pot

Using a moka pot to make a latte requires some adjustments to the usual latte-making process. For instance, you need to froth the milk separately before adding it to the brewed coffee. Additionally, the texture and consistency of the milk may not be the same as that of a latte made with an espresso machine.

Despite these limitations, making a latte using a moka pot can be a fun and interesting experiment for coffee enthusiasts. It is also a more affordable option for those who cannot afford an espresso machine.

Overall, while a moka pot may not be the best tool for making a latte, it is still a versatile and useful kitchen appliance that can brew a strong and flavorful cup of coffee. I recommend trying it out for yourself and experimenting with different brewing methods and milk frothing techniques to find what works best for you.

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