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Where To Buy a Refurbished Jura ENA 9 One-Touch?

Jura, Super-Automatics $700 to $1000 May 18, 2016

Refurbished Jura ENA 9 One Touch

Swiss brand JURA makes high-end superautomatic espresso makers that every coffee lovers dreams of having at home. The Jura ENA 9 is the slimmest super-automatic made by Jura, it gives you a wide range of freshly brewed specialty coffee drinks with a touch of a button. The machine does it all, from grinding, to coffee brewing and milk frothing, all you have to do is push a button!

Why Buy a Refurbished Jura?

You might be wondering why we’re writing specifically about a refurbished Jura. Why not buy new? And is it safe to buy a refurbished machine?

Well, we realize that many people dream of having a Jura at home, but Jura’s coffee systems happen to be at the high end when it comes to price. The machines are certainly worth it, but unfortunately, not everyone can afford to buy a brand-new Jura.

That’s where a refurbished machine makes a very smart option. You can get a refurbished, new-like Jura machine with savings up to %50 OFF! That, right away, makes it a much more affordable option for many people. The machines are factory serviced in the Jura USA Facility and come with a 1 year warranty.

Why Choose the ENA 9 One-Touch?

ENA 9 Front

Jura has a wide range of excellent espresso machines, but the ENA 9 One Touch has to be our favorite for many reasons you’ll learn about in this post.

Features of the ENA 9 One Touch:

  • Less than 9 1/2 Inch wide, making it the slimmest of its kind.
  • Built-in conical burr grinder with 5 adjustable grind settings.
  • 7 oz bean hopper capacity.
  • 37 oz removable water tank.
  • 15 bar pump pressure.
  • Bypass doser for using coffee ground, in case you wish to use coffee other than the one in the hopper.
  • One-touch milk frothing for creating specialty coffee drinks.
  • Hot water dispenser.
  • Height adjustable coffee spout allows you to adjust according to your cup’s height to eliminate splashing.
  • Fully programmable cup sizes, coffee volume and temperature settings.
  • Aroma Boost setting for giving you an extra kick and taking the strength of your coffee up a notch.
  • LCD screen display with color changing light to indicate status of the machine: Green = ready, Red = requires action or Yellow = Programming mode.
  • Rotary dial allows you to choose and reprogram your settings.
  • Automatic cleaning cycle.
  • Made in Switzerland.

Click here to learn more about the Jura ENA 9, read the customer reviews and buy it (REFURBISHED).  Want to buy it new? Click here!

Jura ENA 9 vs. ENA Micro 9, What’s The Difference?

Refurbished Jura ENA Micro 9 One Touch

The ENA Micro 9 is a slightly redesigned version of the ENA 9, it has the following different features:

  • Even slimmer than the ENA 9 at less than 9″ wide.
  • Redesigned control panel with all touch buttons.
  • Bean hopper capacity is 4.4 oz.
  • Redesigned hot water dispenser.
  • The ENA Micro 9 doesn’t have AROMA BOOST feature

Everything else is pretty similar to the ENA 9. You get the same quality of coffee with simple one-touch system.

Click here to learn more about the Jura ENA Micro 9, read the customer reviews and buy it (REFURBISHED).  Want to buy it new? Click here!

What’s The Downside of a Jura Espresso Machine?

We already said that Jura has the best super automatic espresso machine out there. But, there’s one downside to it that I personally don’t like.

Jura Stainless 14 oz. Thermal Milk Container

If you happened to be a fan of cappuccinos or lattes, then you’ll definitely need frothed milk. The machine does automatically froth milk for you, but that milk has to be drawn using a milk container. Your Jura machine will include a ‘hose’ of sort that you’ll attach to your machine and then put in your container of choice. Jura does have milk containers, but they’re sold separately, and that’s exactly what I don’t like. For a machine of Jura’s class, you’d hope that the milk container was included with your purchase. However, you can still use your own container.

Watch How They Work:

Demo of the Jura ENA Micro 9:

Jura ENA 9 One Touch: