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Best Home Espresso Machines Under $100

DeLonghi, Espresso Machines Under $100, Nespresso

Thought $100 or less couldn’t get you an espresso machine? Think again! There are many small yet functional espresso machines that are quite budget friendly. So if that’s your budget, have a look at these top-rated espresso machines for $100 or less.

Nespresso C91 Essenza Espresso Machine:

Nespresso C91 Essenza Espresso Machine

If you’re into the world of single-serve espresso machines, you’ll appreciate this compact espresso maker from Nespresso. For under $100, you’ll get a 19-bar pressure espresso maker with 0.9 liter water tank. It uses Nespresso’s capsules exclusively, but there’s an (unofficial) option for a re-fillable Nespresso capsules that you can use to brew any coffee ground. The machine automatically pierces and ejects the coffee capsules to a drawer that holds up to 14 capsules before having to discard. Unlike other Nespresso machines, this one has only one size option button, but it is reprogrammable. And if you want to make Cappuccinos or Lattes, you’ll have to bundle the machine with an electric milk frother.

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NOTE: A new upgraded model has been introduced in place of the Essenza (although it’s still available). It’s called the Nespresso Essenza Mini and you can read about it here.

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Hamilton Beach 15 BAR Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker:

This Hamilton Beach espresso maker is a great pick for beginners who are looking for a simple and compact machine to make their espresso. The machine features a 15-bar pressure pump, which is a standard for most espresso machines. You can make a single or a double shot at the same time, and you can make your milk froth using the steam wand. A removable water reservoir has 40 oz capacity, which is enough for a few shots before having to refill.

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Mr. Coffee ECMP50 Espresso/Cappuccino Maker:

Mr. Coffee ECMP50 Espresso:Cappuccino Maker

This Mr. Coffee espresso and cappuccino maker is equipped with everything you need to make a decent shot of espresso or a cup of cappuccino. A very close match to the DeLonghi machine, it has a single or double filter, a frothing wand, removable water tank as well as light indicators. Many customers have mentioned that it heats up very quickly, so it’ll be ready to use in no time.

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