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What Is The Best Espresso/Latte Bar Setup Under $500 For Home?

Espresso Machines Under $300, Gaggia, Semi-automatic Espresso Machines Aug 22, 2021

Having your own espresso bar at home, you’ll be making your own delicious espresso and coffee drinks how you want and when you want. It’s not only fun, but it will save you a whole lot of money (no more trips to expensive coffee shops).

To be honest, if you’re looking for the best gear out there, then $500 is not considered to be a high budget. However, we can absolutely work with it. Your budget will go on an espresso machine and a conical burr grinder. The grind and consistency of your coffee will make all the difference in the quality of your espresso, so it’s important not to skip the grinder.

Below, we’ll list a number of espresso makers and conical burr grinders with a sum price of $500 or less. Please note that these prices can change by their sellers which we have no hand in, but we do our best to find you products at these prices.

Best Espresso Makers For $300 Budget : *Cost a little less or more than $300*

Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine:

Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine

This is a favorite among many people, because for its price, this is a top-notch espresso maker. Gaggia is an Italian brand well-known for its high quality. The Classic is a manual machine that will allow you to practice barista skills with ease.


  • 17 1/2 bar pump pressure.
  • 72-ounce water reservoir.
  • Stainless steel housing.
  • Brass portafilter and grouphead for temperature stability.
  • Frothing wand and hot water dispenser.

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Breville 800ESXL Triple-Priming Espresso Machine:

Breville 800ESXL 15-Bar Triple-Priming Die-Cast Espresso Machine

A beautiful machine from Australian brand Breville. This die-cast espresso maker doesn’t only look good, but has enough features to make it such a steal for its price:

  • 15-bar pump pressure.
  • 75 oz water reservoir with a front window that shows the level of water.
  • Auto-purge function adjust water temperature after steam for the best espresso extraction temperature.
  • Triple Prime function releases 3 bursts of hot water to wet the coffee ground for an even extraction and full flavor.
  • Stainless steel housing.
  • Dial knob allows you to select from espresso, steam or hot water.

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DeLonghi Dedica Espresso Machine:

DeLonghi Dedica Pump Espresso Machine

This espresso maker by DeLonghi is exceptionally slim in width, but don’t be fooled by its size, you can use it to make fantastic coffee drinks.


  • Only 6-inch wide, doesn’t take a lot of counterspace.
  • Quick 40-seconds heat up time.
  • Stainless steel exterior.
  • Auto flow stop.
  • Cappuccino frothing system for a delicious and creamy froth.
  • Pre-set and reprogrammable settings.
  • Can be used manually, too.

Click here to learn more about DeLonghi Dedica, read the customer reviews and buy it. (Amazon Link)

Conical Burr Grinders Under $200:

Bodum Bistro Conical Burr Grinder:

The Bodum Bistro is a mid-range conical burr grinder that gives you many decent features for its price range.


  • Choose from 14 grind settings from fine to coarse.
  • Borosilicate glass ground bean container that reduces static ‘jumping beans’
  • Timed grind setting allows you to set a timer for your grind.
  • 220g bean hopper capacity.
  • 11 oz coffee ground container.

Click here to learn more about the Bodum Bistro Electric grinder, read the customer reviews and buy it. (Amazon Link)

Capresso Infinity Burr Grinder:

Capresso 560.01 Infinity Burr Grinder

The Capresso Infinity is somewhat similar to Bodum’s Bistro with some slight differences. For example it has 16 settings instead of 14, which isn’t huge, but can make some difference in the result of your preferred coffee method.


  • 16 grind settings from coarse to fine.
  • 8 1/2 ounces bean hopper capacity.
  • 4 oz coffee ground container.
  • Built-in timer.
  • Available in plastic housing or die-cast housing.

Click here to learn more about the Capresso Infinity, read the customer reviews and buy it (Amazon Link)

Breville Dose Control Pro Grinder:

Breville BCG600SIL The Dose Control Pro Coffee Bean Grinder
  • Choose from 60 precise grind settings.
  • Built-in timer allows you to choose from increments as little as 1 second.
  • 12 oz bean hopper capacity.
  • Holder allows you to grind directly into a portafilter, gold-tone filter or coffee container.
  • Stainless steel housing.

Click here to learn more about the Breville Dose Control Pro Grinder, read the customer reviews and buy it. (Amazon Link)

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