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Baratza Vario or Vario-W? What’s The Difference?

Conical Burr Grinders Mar 20, 2015

We’ve already compared two grinders by Baratza, Virtuoso vs. Encore. In this post, we’ll continue our Baratza comparisons by comparing two more grinder: the Vario and Vario-W. As both carry the same name, we can tell that they’re just a variant of the same grinder, but we’ll talk about it in details to help you understand the difference better.

Features of the Baratza Vario Burr Grinder:

Vario Grinder

  • Professional grade grinder perfect for home use or commercial use.
  • Features 230 distinct grind settings from fine to coarse.
  • Macro and Micro grind settings give you precise grind options for any coffee brewing method.
  • Built-in digital timer.
  • Three user-programmable buttons can be used to create pre-sets for repeatable grinds.
  • Unique 54mm ceramic flat burrs provide accurate, fast-grinding performance and remain sharp for twice as long as the best steel burrs.
  • Metal Portaholder allows you to grind right into the portafilter.
  • 8 oz ground bean container.

Click here to learn more about this grinder, read the customer reviews and buy it.

Features of Baratza Vario-W Burr Grinder:

Vario W Grinder

  • Weight based grinder gives you extreme accuracy
  • The grinder weighs your grind in real-time, providing you with the exact grams of coffee you need. (+/- .1g)
  • Grinds 1.6 grams/second for espresso and 2.2 grams/second for Press.
  • LED screen allows you to easily select your grind weight.
  • Range of grind (230 microns to 1150 microns).
  • Three user-programmable buttons for repeatable grind settings.
  • Perfect for all grind settings from espresso to press.

What’s The Difference Between The Vario and Vario-W?

The major difference between the two grinders is the fact the the Vario-W is a weight-based system, unlike the Vario. This amazing system automatically and in real time measure the ground beans and gives you the exact amount you need, weight wise. This means great precision in coffee making, you won’t grind more than you need and it eliminates the need to weight before or after you grind.

While the Vario-W is quite a ground-breaking piece of equipment, it’s on the expensive side and would set you a little over $500. If it’s within your budget, then by all means, it’s the grinder to get! However, if that’s over your budget, here’s another way to get a weight-based grinder for less…

How To Turn Any Baratza Grinder Into a Weight-Based Grinder?

Baratza Esatto

Lucky for us, Baratza has created the Esatto, an accessory made specifically to be used with the Baratza Encore, Virtuoso or Preciso to turn them into a weight-based grinder. The Esatto features a digital front panel that includes the weight selector as well as the 3 programmable buttons that the Vario grinders have which make any repeatable grinds as easy as one-press. You can learn more about Esatto here.

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