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6 Really Cool Coffee Mugs To Add Fun To Your Day

Cool Coffee Stuff

Want to add more fun to your coffee time? Here’s a collection of really cool coffee mugs and cups that are awesome to keep or give as gifts!

Mazecafe Cup
A drop of coffee on the saucer of this set will turn into a fun maze game! [Buy it here]

Tank Up Coffee Mug

Coffee fills you up with energy the same way gas does to cars, so the gas gauge on this mug only makes so much sense! As you fill up the mug with hot liquid, the gauge starts filling up, and it will go down as you go low on coffee (or any hot beverage). [Buy it here]

Blast OFF espresso cup

And a shot of espresso blasts you off as a rocket, in the same fashion coffee is fuel to your body. Set of two porcelain espresso cups. [Buy it here]

Shark Attack Mug

This looks like your regular white porcelain coffee mug, until you reach the bottom of the cup and find a shark heading out to attack you! [Buy it here]

2 Carat Cup

Start the day with a sparkle, or give someone a ring when you can’t afford the real thing. This mug has a shiny crystal on its ring so you’d be all blinged when you pick up your morning cup of coffee! [Buy it here]

RX Coffee Mug

Coffee is just like a daily prescription, you just gotta take it! [Buy it here]