It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Jura’s superautomatic espresso machines. Leaders in their domain, Jura make the best coffee machines that do it all with a push of a button. Our post here is dedicated to two of Jura’s high-end models: Jura Giga 5 and Jura Z9 Impressa. These two machines are equipped with great technology and design, and they do come with a hefty price tag, but don’t let that scare you just yet, because we’ll also tell you how you can buy them for an insanely discounted price!

Features of the Jura Giga 5 Superautomatic Espresso and Coffee Machine

  • Two built-in grinders and Two heating systems, this machine allows you to prepare one or two specialty drinks at the same time.
  • Double grinders and the machine also allow you to blend two kinds of coffee (from each hopper) in a single drink.
  • Ceramic burr grinders that don’t produce heat and are whisper-quiet.
  • Dual spout dispenses the liquid into the cup and can be height & width adjusted. From 2.75″ to 6.25″ high and from .78″ to 2″ wide.
  • 18 Programmable specialty coffee drinks.
  • Creating your drink is super easy thanks to the colored screen display and rotary selector.
  • Programmable strength, grind and temperature.
  • Automatic milk frothing and dispensing.
  • Integrated rinsing, cleaning and descaling program.
  • Bypass doser allows you to use ground coffee instead of using the grinders.
  • Made in Switzerland.


  • 87 oz water reservoir.
  • 9 oz bean hopper for each grinder.
  • 20 oz thermal milk container.

Where To Buy Jura GIGA 5:

Features of Jura Z9 One Touch Impressa Espresso and Coffee Machine

  • Fully automatic coffee center.
  • Makes a single drink at a time.
  • Built-in ceramic burr grinder.
  • Two heating systems, one for coffee and another for steam.
  • Color screen display for easy programmability of your coffee.
  • Ability to use pre-ground coffee instead of grinder.
  • Programmable coffee strength, grind settings and temperature.


  • 96 oz water reservoir.
  • 9 oz bean hopper.
  • 20 oz thermal milk container.

Where to Buy Jura Z9:

What Is The Difference Between Jura GIGA 5 vs. Z9 Impressa?

For the most part, in features and programmability, the two models are the same. The biggest difference between the GIGA 5 and Z9 is:

  • The GIGA 5 has TWO grinders and TWO heating systems. This means you can prepare either one or two coffee drinks at the same time without the need to wait.

This is a rather useful feature if the machine is going to be used by a lot of people (say in an office, or in a large family), where you may need to process two drinks at the same time. But that’s not the only thing. Another great feature is that the JURA Giga 5 allows you to create a mixed coffee blend from each hopper. Say for example you have one hopper that has regular beans and the other is filled with decaf, you can program your machine to create a half-caff drink by grinding coffee from each hopper in one drink.

The GIGA 5 and Z9 have the same TFT color screen that shows you a clear menu of the drinks available with a photo. You can use the same screen to select your customization like temperature, strength or volume. It’s very simple to use.

One small difference is the water reservoir capacity: The Z9 has a larger 96 oz capacity while the GIGA 5 has 87 oz. The bean hopper capacities are the same, although on the GIGA 5 you get two bean hoppers of course. Also included with both machines is a 20 oz thermal milk container that allows the machine to automatically froth and dispense milk.

How To Save On Your JURA Coffee Machine Purchase?

Like we said at the beginning of this post, Jura machines come with a rather hefty price tag. With their technology, design and well manufacturing (They’re made in Switzerland!), they’re very much worth their price. But you still don’t have to pay full price for them. How? By buying a factory refurbished machine instead.

If you choose to buy a refurbished JURA machine, you are guaranteed a clean and like-new machine and you can save hundreds or thousands of dollars (yes, you read that right, thousands!).

Where To Buy a Refurbished JURA Machine?

Our favorite retailer for refurbished JURAs is, all their JURA line is guaranteed factory refurbished, have been tested to be in perfect working condition and come with a 1-year warranty. You also get FREE shipping on your order.

Prefer to buy your JURA brand-new? 1stInCoffee has new Jura machines, too. Check them out here.

Video Reviews

Review of the Jura GIGA 5:

Review of Jura Z9:


Saeco Philips are makers of the best superautomatic espresso machines. You can find a range of super autos from Saeoc with cool features and at a range of prices that make it affordable to many people.

In this post, we’ll be looking at the Saeco Philips  Intelia Deluxe, an easy to use, bean-to-cup espresso maker that will brew your favorite coffee drinks with simple push of a button.

The Intelia Deluxe is a superautomatic that will make you a fresh cup of coffee, as fresh as can be, thanks to its built-in grinder that grinds the beans as soon as you push a button for your favorite drinks. It is available in two models: HD8759/47 and HD8771/93 (also known as Intelia Deluxe Cappuccino), which we will be comparing later in the post.

Features of the Saeco Intelia Deluxe Cappuccino HD8771/93:

  • Prepares all espresso based drinks like Cappuccino, Latte, Macchiato, Americano and more with a push of a button.
  • Built-in ceramic grinders that last longer and never overheat.
  • Built-in milk frother pitcher automatically froths milk and adds it to your cup.
  • Milk frothing pitcher is detachable, which allows you to store left over milk in the fridge.
  • Quick Heat boiler allows you to prepare your drinks with no wait time.
  • Choose from 5 strength settings, 10 grind settings and temperature settings.
  • LCD display allows you to easily program your machine.
  • Dedicated buttons for each coffee drink for quick operation.
  • Water reservoir capacity: 50 oz.
  • Bean hopper capacity: 10 oz.
  • Made in Italy

Click here to learn more about Saeco Philips Intelia Deluxe Cappuccino, read the customer reviews and buy it.

What Is The Difference Between Saeco Philips Intelia Deluxe HD8759/47 vs  HD8771/93


This is the Intelia Deluxe HD8759/47. It is identical to the Intelia Deluxe Cappuccino but with one slight difference:

The Intelia Deluxe lacks the milk frother carafe. Instead, it has a a hose that connect to the frother at one end, and you have to put in in a milk jug so it draws the milk, froth it and add it to your cup. After the milk in added, you’ll have to manually move your cup to the coffee spout for the next step. You can also use a frothing wand, which means you’ll have to froth the milk manually.

Click here to learn more about Saeco Philips Intelia Deluxe, read the customer reviews and buy it.

Video Reviews

Review of Intelia Deluxe:

Review of Intelia Deluxe Cappuccino:

Common Questions:

Can I Use Non-dairy Milk like Almond or Soy Milk?

Yes, you can use whichever kind of milk you like. However, the results of froth will vary and it’s not guaranteed that you’ll get the best results.

Can I Use Pre-Ground Coffee or Do I Have To Use the Grinder?

There’s an option to turn off the grinder so you can use any ground coffee you like.

Can I Adjust the Temperature Settings to Make My Coffee As Hot As I Like?

Yes, there are adjustable temperature settings. You can also adjust the grind and strength settings, so you can make your coffee exactly to your preference.




Nespresso continues to evolve and upgrade their line of espresso and coffee machines VertuoLine, tweaking the design and features to make it even better. The VertuoPlus is an example of this, it’s a newly redesigned machine to add to the VertuoLine collection from Nespresso. What is it and how is it different from the VertuoLine and Evoluo? That’s what we will talk about in this post.

Features of the VertuoPlus Espresso and Coffee Maker:

  • Espresso and Coffee maker by Nespresso – designed to work with VertuoLine capsules only.
  • Slim design with moveable water reservoir that can slide right, left or behind the machine.
  • 40 oz water tank capacity.
  • Automatic capsules recognition adjusts the machine to the optimal settings for that capsule.
  • Two cup sizes: 1.35 oz espresso and 8 oz coffee.
  • The top of the machine (the lid that lifts to insert the capsule) is motorized. It opens up and closes automatically.
  • Used capsule container.
  • Includes a sample pack with each available Vertuoline capsule for espresso and coffee.
  • Available in Gray or Red.

Click here to learn more about VertuoPlus espresso and coffee maker, read the customer reviews and buy it.

Nespresso VertuoPlus Deluxe, Is It Different Than The VertuoPlus?

No, features wise, both are exactly the same. The VertuoPlus Deluxe has a larger 60 oz water reservoir and design wise, it has some chrome accents. Everything else is the same as the VertuoPlus.

Click here to learn more about the VertuoPlus Deluxe, read the customer reviews and buy it.

Why Is The VertuoPlus Branded with DeLonghi and VertuoPlus Deluxe Branded with Breville?

We’ve been getting this question for a long time, ever since the release of machines like the DeLonghi Lattissima and more recently Breville Creatista Plus, which all are basically Nespresso machines but have other brand names.

The answer for this is rather simple. These good companies are not trying to confuse you, that’s for sure. Actually, they partner up to bring you the best of their technologies to make the best coffee makers possible. This the case of VertuoPlus, Nespresso has partnered with DeLonghi and Breville to help them distribute their machines. The VertuoPlus and VertuoPlus Deluxe are still Nespresso machines and are made exclusively to brew VertuoLine capsules.

Watch How The VertuoPlus Works:

How Is VertuoPlus Different Than VertuoLine and Evoluo Nespresso Machines?

TitleBreville BNV450GRY1BUC1 Nespresso Vertuo Plus Coffee and Espresso Machine with Aeroccino, GrayNespresso A+GCC1-US-BK-NE VertuoLine Evoluo Deluxe Coffee & Espresso Maker with Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother, Black
FeatureSimple and convenient 1 button operaton
Fast heat up time: 15-20 sec
Descaling alert
Automatic OFF mode after 9 min of non-use
Different cup sizes
Includes Aeroccino Plus milk frother: rapid one touch preparation of hot or cold milk froth. Items sold separately valued at $348
New revolutionary Centrifusion technology to gently brew both Coffee and Espresso with one touch of a button
Capsule recognition and code reading technology for blend-specific parametric brewing. Two capsule sizes, large for Coffee and small for Espresso
Easy insertion and ejection of capsules. For use with Nespresso VertuoLine capsules only. Not compatible with Nespresso Original Line capsules
Removable used capsule container holds 17 used capsules. Automatic off mode after 9 minutes of inactivity. Removable 54 oz. water tank
ReviewsRead ReviewsRead Reviews
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The similarity between all Vertuoline machines is:

  • They all use VertuoLine capsules (coffee or espresso) exclusively. Other OrignialLine capsules by Nespresso will NOT work with these machines.
  • They use Nespresso’s Centrifusion technology. Unlike other machines that use a pump to force water through capsules to produce the coffee, Centrifusion spins the capsules rapidly while mixing it with water to extract the coffee. When you start the brewing process, you’ll notice is sounds kind of like a fan is spinning. Yet, it is still much quieter than other coffee and espresso machines.

The differences between these models are mainly in the design:

  • The VertuoPlus has the biggest design difference with its moving water reservoir. You can set it up in a way that fits your counter top without any issues. Rotate it to the right side, left side or keep it in the back. As of this time of writing this post, only the VertuoPlus has this design feature.
  • Another thing that only the VertuoPlus has (as of now) is the motorized head. You might think this isn’t an important thing, but it really makes a huge difference since you’ll be closing and opening this part of the machine multiple times on a daily basis. Without automating this part, there are chances of breaking it by slamming it down or flipping it up too hard. But when it closes down slowly, on its own, there’s less force on it and less chances of it breaking.
  • Other differences has to do with the water reservoir capacity: With the VertuoPlus and Evoluo, both have 40 oz water reservoir. The Deluxe version of the VertuoPlus has 60 oz capacity but the Deluxe version of the Evoluo has a 56 oz capacity.

What About the first-gen VertuoLine?

We don’t recommend the first VerutoLine over the newer Evoluo or VertuoPlus for one reason. That original model has a design flaw that produced a coffee that is not hot enough. Since then, Nespresso released the Evoluo and VertuoPlus with a fix that makes hotter coffee than the VertuoLine. It is an outdated model for sure and it’s not worth it to buy.

How To Make a Cappuccino or Latte Using VertuoPlus?

If you happened to enjoy milk based coffee drinks like Cappuccino or Latte, we highly recommend that you get your VertuoPlus in a bundle that includes a milk frother. On its own, the VertuoPlus does not have a built-in milk frother so it only brews coffee or espresso, the base of those delicious coffee drinks. By getting a bundle, you get your VertuoPlus with an Aeroccino electric milk frother. This frother automatically heats up and froths milk with a touch of a button, and can create cold froth, too. If you don’t like Nespresso’s milk frother, you can always get one from another brand. See our recommendations here.

Click here to see this VertuoPlus bundle, read the customer reviews and buy it.

Should You Upgrade To The VertuoPlus?

  • If this is going to be your first Nespresso Vertuoline machine, then yes, absolutely! VertuoPlus is definitely worth it and you’ll enjoy having it.
  • If you’re currently an owner of a Nespresso Evoluo, then we don’t see a reason for an upgrade. The VertuoPlus and Evoluo offer the same performance and the difference between them is only aesthetic.
  • If you’re a VertuoLine machine owner, and you’re not happy about the temperature of the coffee your machine is producing (but you’re satisfied with the taste and quality), you should consider an upgrade as the new models fix this issue while offering you the same great coffee.

If there’s one thing Francis Francis for Illy are good at, it’s their ability to create really stylish and compact espresso machines without compromising features. The Illy X9 is an example of this. It’s a truly beautiful piece of design, small and can be placed anywhere without worrying about it taking up much space.

Features of Illy X9:

  • Compact design.
  • Dimensions: 4.80 W x 10.60 D x 10.50 H
  • For use with iperEspresso capsules only.
  • 2 reprogrammable coffee settings.
  • 23 oz water reservoir.
  • Water reservoir can only be partially removed (pulled out like a drawer).
  • Used capsule drawer for up to 10 used capsules.
  • Chromed aluminum finish.
  • Top warming tray holds 2 espresso ups.
  • Available in Chrome, Red or Silver/black.

Click here to learn more about Illy X9, read the customer reviews and buy it. 

What Is The Difference Between Illy X9 vs. Y3?

TitleX9 iperEspresso Machine (Silver)Francis Francis for Illy Y3 iperEspresso Coffee machine, Black
FeatureUses illy iper Espresso Capsules
2 programmable volumes with auto-stop
Automatic capsule ejection
33 oz. water tank
Power save mode
ReviewsRead ReviewsRead Reviews
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There’s not much difference between the Illy X9 and Y3 in features, in fact, they are exactly the same. The difference however is in the design:

  • Even though both models are compact in size, the shape of the machines dictates how they sit on your countertop. The X9 has a curved design that makes it narrow from the front and back, with its water reservoir sitting at the bottom.
  • On the other hand, the Y3 has a larger 30 oz water reservoir that is fully removable. The X9 has a 23 oz water reservoir that is partially removable.
  • The finish of the X9 is what makes it special. It is housed in Chrome finished Aluminum. The Y3 has some nice chrome accent and tempered glass, but it’s mainly housed in a plastic body.

So choosing between these two models will be purely on design features and what material you prefer your  machine to be.

Video Reviews: 


Illy is undoubtedly one of Italy’s best coffee brands. And lucky for us, Illy manufactures their own single-serve espresso makers for us to enjoy their highly quality coffee at home.

In a previous post, we reviewed and compared Illy’s Y5 espresso machine and its two models, Duo and Milk. In this post, we’ll look at the differences between Illy Y3 vs. Y5.

Let’s start with the features of Illy Y3 Espresso Machine:

  • Compact, ultra slim single-serve espresso machine from Illy, for use with IperEspresso capsules by Illy.
  • 19-bar pump.
  • Two programmable coffee programs, can be re-adjusted to any volume of espresso your want.
  • Removable 1 Liter (33 oz) water reservoir.
  • Automatic used capsule ejection.
  • Used capsule drawer holds up to 8 used capsules.
  • Adjustable cup tray.
  • Available in different colors.

Click here to learn more about illy Y3, read the customer reviews and buy it. 

Features of Illy Y5 Duo Espresso and Coffee Machine:

  • Single-serve Espresso and Coffee maker, uses Illy’s IperEspresso capsules.
  • Can make espresso and traditional cup of coffee.
  • 19-bar pump.
  • Two coffee programs that can be readjusted.
  • 30 oz (0.9 liters) water reservoir capacity.
  • Slim and compact design.
  • Automatic capsule ejection.
  • Used capsule capsule drawer holds up to 10 capsules.

Click here to learn more about the Illy Y5 Duo, read the customer reviews and buy it. 

Illy Y3 vs. Illy Y5, What’s The Difference?

TitleFrancis Francis for Illy 60068 Y5 Duo Espresso & Coffee Machine, BlackFrancis Francis for Illy Y3 iperEspresso Coffee machine, Black
FeatureMake exceptional espresso and traditional coffee with one touch simplicity
Uses illy iper capsules exclusively
2 adjustable volume setting
Automatic capsule ejection into used capsule drawer
Power Save Mode
Uses illy iper Espresso Capsules
2 programmable volumes with auto-stop
Automatic capsule ejection
33 oz. water tank
Power save mode
ReviewsRead ReviewsRead Reviews
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The main difference here is:

  • Illy Y3 is an espresso machine and can only brew espresso at different volumes.
  • Illy 5 Duo can brew both Espresso and Coffee.

So, if you love espresso but still enjoy a traditional cup of coffee, you’ll love that the Y5 Duo can do both. And you could be wondering, since both machine have reprogrammable settings, couldn’t you just reprogram a button to do a large cup of coffee? No, it’s not advised that you do that, and heres’ why:

  • When making a cup of coffee with the Y5, you will be using iperCoffee capsules, which contains a coffee blend and different measurement than the iperEspresso capsules.
  • To make a cup of coffee, the Y5 will most likely use less pressure power than when making espresso, since coffee can’t be prepared using high pressure like espresso. The Y3 does not have this feature.

Where To Buy Illy iperEspresso and iperCoffee Capsules?

If you want to learn more about iperEspresso capsules and how they work, you can read our full post about it here. iperEspresso and iperCoffee can be purchased directly from Illy’s website. You can also buy them from Amazon. (for coffee, make sure the capsule is labeled iperCoffee).

Common questions about Illy’s iperEspresso and iperCoffee Capsules:

Can Illy’s IperEspresso and IperCoffee Capsules Be Used with Nespresso or Keurig Machines?

No, Illy’s capsules can be used with their systems only. If you want illy coffee for Keurig, you can buy their K-Cups here.

Are There Refillable Pods for Illy? Can I Use My Own Coffee Ground?

No, there are no refillable pods. You can only use official IperEspresso and IperCoffee capsules from illy.

Can I Make Hot Chocolate With an Illy Espresso or Coffee Maker?

No, Illy makes coffee and espresso drinks only.

Video Reviews:

How To Use Illy Y5 Duo:

Review of Illy Y3:


Breville espresso machines are known for their sleek and precise design. They’re packed with features, have superior quality and are available in a range that works for both beginner or intermediate and professional espresso machine users.

In previous posts, we’ve looked at machines like the Breville Infuser and Barista Express and have compare them to each other. In this post, we’ll look at the Beville Duo-Temp Pro, its features and how it compares to other Breville espresso machines.

Features of the Breville Duo-Temp Pro:

  • 15-bar Italian Pump.
  • 1600W thermocoil stainless steel heater that accurately controls water temperature.
  • Auto purge function automatically adjusts water temperature after steam use.
  • Pre-infusion function applies low water pressure to the coffee ground to expand it before extraction.
  • Electronic PID control for increased temperature stability.
  • 61 oz removable water reservoir.
  • Hot water can be dispensed through the frothing wand for making Americanos or for pre-heating cups.
  • Built-in storage for accessories.
  • Included accessories:
    • Tamper magnetically attached to the machine
    • Razor Precision Dose Trimming Tool
    • 54mm portafilter with 4 filter baskets.
    • 16 oz stainless steel frothing jug.
    • Cleaning tools.
    • Water filter holder and a replaceable filter.

Click here to learn more about the Breville Duo-Temp Pro, read the customer reviews and buy it.

Breville Duo-Temp Pro (BES810BSS ) vs. Breville The Infuser (BES840XL) :

TitleThe Duo-Temp Pro Espresso MachineBreville BES840XL the Infuser Espresso Machine
FeatureStainless steel
15 bar Italian pump
PID temperature control
1600 watts thermocoil
1.8 liter removable water tank capacity
Pre-infusion function applies low water pressure at the start of the extraction to gently expand grinds for an even extraction
1600w thermocoil heating system with integrated stainless steel water coil accurately controls water temperature
Auto purge function automatically adjusts water temperature after steam for optimal espresso extraction temperature
15 bar Italian pump provides complete volumetric control - preset, manual over-ride or re-programmable volumes
Accessories: single & dual wall filter baskets, coffee scoop, stainless steel jug, cleaning disc & tablets, cleaning tool, water filter with holder.
ReviewsRead ReviewsRead Reviews
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There’s a lot of similarities between the Breville Duo Temp and the Infuser, but they’re not quite the same. The Infuser has some extra design features that you won’t find in the Duo-Temp Pro:

  • On the Infuser, there are two programmable buttons for a single or double shot. You can reprogram the volume metric for these buttons for automatic extraction. On the Duo-Temp Pro, there’s just one selector button for Steam or Hot Water, and then with the dial knob you can either choose to extract, froth or dispense water.
  • Speaking of dispensing water, the Infuser has an independent spout for dispensing hot water. While the Duo-Temp Pro uses the frothing wand for dispensing water.
  • On the Infuser, you’ll see there’s a gauge on the middle of the front panel that allows you to monitor the pressure of the machine. The Duo-Temp Pro doesn’t have this gauge.
  • The Infuser is available in 3 colors.

All other features like water tank capacity, accessories, power and pump are the same.

Click here to learn more about the Breville Infuser, read the customer reviews and buy it.

Breville Duo-Temp Pro (BES810BSS ) vs. Breville Barista Express (BES870XL):


TitleBreville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso MachineThe Duo-Temp Pro Espresso Machine
Feature15 Bar Italian Pump and 1600W Thermo coil heating system
Purge Function: Automatically adjusts water temperature after steam for optimal espresso extraction temperature
Stainless steel conical burr grinder with 1/2 lb. sealed bean hopper
67 fl.oz (2L) removable water tank with handle
Newer model of the Breville BES860XL Barista Express
Stainless steel
15 bar Italian pump
PID temperature control
1600 watts thermocoil
1.8 liter removable water tank capacity
ReviewsRead ReviewsRead Reviews
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The Barista Express is rather a big jump from both the Duo-Temp Pro and the Infuser. While the do share the basic features, the Barista Express makes an all-in-one coffee bar without the need for additional gadgets:

  • It has a built-in stainless steel conical burr grinder with a sealed bean hopper.
  • It has a 67 oz water reservoir, so it’s larger than both the Duo Temp Pro and The Infuser.
  • It has a portafilter cradle that allows for hands-free automatic grinding.
  • On its control panel, you’ll find: grind amount selector, single/double shot buttons, program button, filter size selector, pressure gauge.
  • Like The Infuser, it has a dedicated hot water dispenser.
  • The Barista Express is available in 3 colors.

Like the other Breville Espresso machines, it comes included with all accessories: cleaning kit, portafilter with 4 baskets, water filtration, frothing jug.

Click here to learn more about the Breville Barista Express, read the customer reviews and buy it.

Breville Duo-Temp Pro vs. Gaggia Classic:

TitleThe Duo-Temp Pro Espresso MachineGaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine, Brushed Stainless Steel
FeatureStainless steel
15 bar Italian pump
PID temperature control
1600 watts thermocoil
1.8 liter removable water tank capacity
Coffee/espresso machine with 72-ounce removable water reservoir
Stainless-steel housing; brass portafilters and grouphead for temperature stability
17-1/2-bar pump with high-voltage boiler; hot-water dispenser; frothing wand
Single- and double-shot stainless-steel filter basket, tamper, and measuring scoop included
Measures 14-1/4 by 8 by 9-1/2 inches
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The Gaggia Classic is a manual espresso machine that packs a lot of power. Like the Breville Duo-Temp Pro, there’s no progammability, you start and end your shot manually. Other features of the Gaggia Classic:

  • 72 oz water reservoir, so it’s notably larger than the 62 oz Duo-Temp Pro reservoir.
  • The controls on the Classic are switch buttons. On the Duo-Temp Pro the controls are LED backlit press buttons.
  • It has a chrome-plated brass portafilter and brew head, which gives you more temperature stability over your shot.
  • It has a 58mm portafilter, which is bigger than Breville’s 54mm portafilter.
  • The Classic has a 17 1/2 bar pump pressure. While the Duo-Temp Pro (and other Breville espresso makers) has the standard 15 bar pressure.
  • The Classic includes: single/double filter baskets, measuring scoop and coffee tamper. You’ll have to buy a frothing jug separately.

Click here to learn more about the Gaggia Classic, read the customer reviews and buy it.

Which Of These Espresso Machines Should You Buy?

When it comes to choosing the right espresso machine for you, it is very important to know exactly what you’re looking for. More expensive doesn’t always translate to the best choice, a bigger or more advanced espresso maker could be great but it can also have features that you might not need, so in a case like this, you could save some money to put towards another thing for your at-home coffee bar.

  • If you don’t need programmability and automatic brewing, then either the Breville Duo Temp Pro or Gaggia Classic would be an excellent choice that will save you around $100 to $150 or even $300 ( in comparison to the more advanced Barista Express or Infuser) that you could put towards a decent conical burr grinder for example.
  • If you prefer an all in one solution instead of buying separate gadgets, the Breville Barista Express would make an excellent choice. You’ll have everything you need right out of the box. And although it looks complicated to use, it isn’t. It has automatic as well as manual, so you have room to learn and grown your barista skills.
  • Overall, the Breville machines give you great value for your money thanks to their great quality and the great bundle of accessories included with every machine.

Watch These Video Reviews:

Review of Breville Duo-Temp Pro:

Review of the Breville Infuser:

Review of Breville Barista Express:

How To Make a Cappuccino with Gaggia Classic:




In this post:

We’ve talked about the release of the most versatile single-serve from Nespresso and Breville, the Creatista Plus. This exciting release from two powerhouses in espresso machines offers a lot for the home user, without the hard work and complications that other espresso machines come with.

The Breville Nespresso Creatista PLUS comes packed with a lot of great features:

  • Personalized barista-style drinks with a touch of a button.
  • Designed to work with Nespresso OriginalLine espresso capsules.
  • Select from 8 programmed coffee drinks like espresso, Cappuccino, Latte, Flat White and more.
  • Adjustable milk temperature.
  • Automatic milk frother creates professional coffee-house micro-foam froth that allows you to create latte art.
  • Self-cleaning frothing wand.
  • Color display screen allows you to easily program and control your Creatista PLUS machine.

Click here to learn more about the Nespresso Creatista Plus, read the customer reviews and buy it.

What Is The Difference Between the Creatista and Creatista PLUS?

This beautiful Nespresso and Breville collaboration comes in two models: The Creatista and Creatista PLUS. But what’s the difference between these two?

The Creatista PLUS packs more features and customization options that the Creatisa. Also, there’s a small design difference. Let’s talk about this in details…


  • The Creatista Plus has a full stainless steel body.
  • The Creatista has stainless steel front panel with colored sides.

Heat-Up Time:

  • Creatista Plus has a 3 second heat-up time.
  • Creatista has 10 second heat-up time.

Milk Temperature Settings:

  • The Creatista Plus has a great range of 11 milk temperature settings to select from.
  • With the Creatista, you can choose from only 3 milk temperature settings.


  • Creatista Plus and Creatista both have 4 textures of milk frothing.

Coffee Recipes:

  • Both models can prepare different coffee drinks automatically: Ristretto, Espresso, Lungo, Cappuccino, Cafe Latte, Flat White, Latte Macchiato.

Nespresso Creatista Plus vs. Lattissima Pro, What’s The Difference?

TitleNespresso Creatista Plus by Breville BNE800BSS , SilverDe'Longhi America EN750MB Nespresso Lattissima Pro Machine
FeatureNespresso Creatista Plus by Breville
Patented De'Longhi automatic cappuccino Latte Crema System
Patented Nespresso capsule system
Sensor touch display
Premium finishes and Italian design
Choose among 6 pre-programmed drinks (ristretto, espresso, lungo, cappuccino, latte, hot milk and hot water function for tea
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The Lattissima Pro is another Nespresso collaboration, but in this case with DeLonghi. The Lattissima Pro has some similarities to the Creatista Plus, but it isn’t nearly as powerful and versatile as the Creatisa.


  • The Lattissima Pro has a detachable automatic milk frother. The machine will froth the milk using a whisk, pour it into the cup and brew the coffee, all automatically. The texture of the milk frothed in the Lattissima Pro doesn’t work for latte art.
  • The Creatista Plus has automatic frothing wand that uses steam to froth milk. Like a professional espresso machine, this frothing wand (with the help of the sensor at the bottom of the jug) will create the perfect froth with micro-foam, with your selected texture and temperature. Then, you’ll pour the milk into the brewed coffee, and you can even get creative and create latte art.


  • In the Latttisima Pro allows you to customize the volume of your coffee in the 6 pre-programmed drink settings.
  • Creatista Plus has milk temperature settings, milk froth texture settings and volume customization.

Control Panel:

  • Lattissima Pro has an LED touchscreen.
  • The Creatista Plus has a colored display that can be controlled with a rotating selector.

Click here to learn more about the Lattissima Pro, read the customer reviews and buy it.

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How To Do Latte Art with Nespresso Creatista Plus:


If you’ve owned your Nespresso machine for a while, or even if you just bought it new, one of the best things about having an OriginalLine Nespresso machine (Inissia, CitiZ, Pixie, Lattissima or U), is the fact that there are now a lot of alternatives available to Nespresso’s official capsules. A wide range of brands offer a cool selection of capsules to try with your Nespresso machine, and they are sold at a cheaper price than Nespresso’s official capsules, saving you a lot of money over time.

Important note: None of these pods are compatible with Nespresso VertuoLine machines.

Best Alternative Nespresso-Compatible Coffee Capsules:

Bestpresso Nespresso-compatible Capsules:

While most Nespresso-compatible capsules are sold in a set of 10 capsules for each box, Bestpresso’s include 20 capsules per box, with 10 capsules packages together in sealed bags. This variety pack includes a selection of high and light intensity pods so you can discover your favorite blends.

Click here to learn more about Bestpresso’s Variety Pack, read the customer reviews and buy it.

Gourmesso Nespresso-compatible Capsules:

Gourmesso offers you Fairtrade certified coffee for your Nespresso machine. This variety pack includes 15 packs of specialty coffee, with a total of 150 capsules. The capsules vary in intensity from 10 to 5, with different blends including flavored coffee like Hazelnut, Vanilla, Almond and Coconut.  Gourmesso is also available for purchase directly through their website, where you can earn points for each purchase you make and redeem them later for more capsules.

Click here to learn more about Gourmesso Variety Pack, read the customer reviews and buy it.

Jones Brothers Nespresso-compatible Capsules:

Jones Brothers offers a variety pack of 50 or 80 capsules. Their capsules vary in intensity from 12 to 5, with 10 capsules of each blend/intensity.

Click here to learn more about Jones Brothers Variety Pack, read the customer reviews and buy it.

Rosso Caffe Sweet Flavors Pack of Nespresso-compatible Capsules:

If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll love this sweet pack from brand Rosso Caffe. With flavors like Caramel, Creme Brulee and Vanilla, these Nespresso-compatible capsules will taste especially delicious when combined with milk. More flavors are available, too, like Chocolate, Hazelnut and Coconut. And if you’re not a fan of flavored coffee, you can try the premium non-flavored coffee variety pack.

Click here to learn more about Rosso Caffe Variety Pack, read the customer reviews and buy it.


For the longest time, the answer to the question ‘Can I make hot chocolate using my Nespresso machine’ has been a depressing ‘No, you can’t ‘. Gladly, that’s not the case anymore!

We were happy to find out that now there are a number of Nespresso compatible Hot Chocolate capsules available in the market. As of now, there are a limited number but we’re hopeful the number of options available will grow and we’ll be sure to keep our list updated!

Important note: These hot chocolate capsules are only compatible with Nespresso OriginalLine machine (Inissia, Pixie, CitiZ, Lattisima, U…) and will NOT work on VertuoLine machines.

Best Nespresso-Compatible Hot Chocolate Capsules:

Caffeluxe Hot Chocolate Nespresso-Compatible Capsules:

Caffeluxe is a South African brand that makes a wide range of Nespresso Compatible coffee capsules, and lucky for chocolate lovers, it makes Hot Chocolate capsules, too. These capsules are sold in a pack of 4, with a total of 40 capsules.

Click here to learn more about Caffeluxe Hot Chocolate Nespresso Capsules, read the customer reviews and buy it. 

Podista Hot Chocolate Nespresso Compatible Pods:

Podista makes a variety of Hot Chocolate Nespresso-Compatible capsules for every taste. These capsules come in classic hot chocolate, caramel infused hot chocolate and mint infused chocolate. Each box includes 10 capsules. Each flavor can be purchased separately or as a set of three in a variety pack.

Click here to learn more about Podista Hot Chocolate Nespresso Capsules, read the customer reviews and buy it. 

How To Make Hot Chocolate Using a Nespresso Machine?

It’s quite as simply as making coffee using a Nespresso machine. These hot chocolate pods can be enjoyed on their own or mixed with frothy milk. Though please note, if you’re going to drink it without milk, you should not brew a full mug like traditional hot chocolate as that would dilute the drink.


If you want your single serve machine to make both coffee and espresso drinks, then you’re in the right place. But, between Nespresso Evoluo and Starbucks’ Verismo, which single serve coffee maker should you choose?

Both machines come with their own features, pros and cons. And we’re here to help you find which of them is the right one for you.

Nespresso Evoluo:

Evoluo is one of Nespresso’s VertuoLine machines, which has the ability to brew both espresso and coffee. Evoluo uses capsules that are entirely new and redesigned from the OriginalLine Nespresso machines, because Evoluo works and brews differently, too.

Features of Nespresso Evoluo:

  • Patented Centrifusion technology: Evoluo brews by spinning the capsule at 7,000 spins per minute, blending the coffee ground with water to extract an aromatic and flavorful cup of coffee or espresso.
  • Brews two sizes: 1.35 oz espresso, or 8 oz cup of coffee.
  • Automatic blend recognition: with a special barcode at the rim of each capsule and laser reader inside the machine, Evoluo is able to automatically recognize the blend you want to brew and the brewing parameters are adjusted by the machine depending on the selected capsule.
  • Two lines of capsules available: large ones for coffee and small for espresso. Available in a variety of Nespresso blends.
  • Create delicious espresso based drinks like Cappuccino and Latte by using Aeroccino automatic milk frother (sold separately or as a bundle).
  • Available in two sizes: Evoluo with 40 oz water reservoir, or Evoluo Deluxe with 54 oz water reservoir.

Read our comparison between Evoluo vs Evoluo Deluxe here. You can also read about the difference between VertuoLine and Evoluo here.

Nespresso Evoluo Capsules:

Evoluo can only fit VertuoLine capsules made by Nespresso. There are no compatible capsules from other brands or refillable capsules (as of the time of writing of this post). So, when buying a Nespresso Evoluo, you are committing to their brand of coffee capsules. Lucky for us, Nespresso produces some of the highest quality coffee capsules.

Click here to learn more about Evoluo by Nespresso, read the customer reviews and buy it.

Starbucks Verismo V:

The Starbucks Verismo V is a unique single-serve espresso and coffee maker that gives you the best of both worlds. The dual-pressure pump machine can brew single shots of espresso using high pressure (which is required for espresso brewing), or it can brew a full cup of your favorite Starbucks coffee blend using low pressure.

Features of Starbucks Verismo V:

  • Dual-pressure technology for brewing espresso or coffee.
  • Works with Starbucks Verismo coffee pods.
  • Quick startup time of 15 seconds.
  • Coffee brew size: 10 oz.
  • Use the Verismo electric milk frother to create delicious espresso coffee drinks (sold separately).

Starbucks Verismo Pods:

Like Nespresso, Verismo only uses pods made by Starbucks for Verismo. The pods are available for coffee or espresso, in many famous Starbucks blends. Starbucks also make one tea blend and a milk pods. There are no refillable pods or compatible pods from other brands.

Click here to learn more about Starbucks Verismo V, read the customer reviews and buy it.

Which Should You Buy?

TitleStarbucks Verismo V Brewer SystemNespresso A+GCC1-US-BK-NE VertuoLine Evoluo Deluxe Coffee & Espresso Maker with Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother, Black
FeatureUnique dual-pressure technology to make brewed coffee and espresso shots
Works with Verismo Pods available in a wide selection of tasting notes and roasts
Brews a 10 fl oz cup of coffee
Makes exceptional espresso with high pressure extraction
Ready to brew in 15 seconds
Includes Aeroccino Plus milk frother: rapid one touch preparation of hot or cold milk froth. Items sold separately valued at $348
New revolutionary Centrifusion technology to gently brew both Coffee and Espresso with one touch of a button
Capsule recognition and code reading technology for blend-specific parametric brewing. Two capsule sizes, large for Coffee and small for Espresso
Easy insertion and ejection of capsules. For use with Nespresso VertuoLine capsules only. Not compatible with Nespresso Original Line capsules
Removable used capsule container holds 17 used capsules. Automatic off mode after 9 minutes of inactivity. Removable 54 oz. water tank
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While both the Evoluo and Verismo can make espresso and coffee, they are very different in how they brew their drinks:

  • If you want something that is closer to a traditional drip cup of coffee, then you’ll like Verismo’s coffee for sure. Especially if you’ve already tasted Starbucks coffee and like it.
  • Because of Nespresso Evoluo’s Centrifusion technology, the coffee produced isn’t like your average cup of coffee. It has a thick layer of crema, which is not something a drip cup of coffee would have.

So, if you’d like something as close to a drip coffee as possible, then go for the Verismo. If you want to try something new and exciting, Nespresso Evoluo should be your choice.

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